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LOVEphotography first opened it's doors waaay back in 2010 (where did that time go!) and since then we've been lucky enough to meet thousands of amazing families and capture their little ones as they've grown from bumps to little people! Over the years we've added weddings, lifestyle and commercial shoots to our portfolio of services, but I think it's fair to say that our heart is always with our family shoots - it's what we do best, and capturing those little moments, and those little personalities, is what we LOVE most of all 

Our studio is a magical, quirky little haven in the middle of Hockley, beautifully designed to help you & your little people instantly feel at home. With tonnes of toys, books, props and big comfy seating, this is world's away from the 'big white cube' style of studio and more how I would imagine our own home will look when we have children :) 

Our studio style is very relaxed and natural - we're all about capturing those lovely in-between moments when you've forgotten the camera is even there. Every shoot is filled with lots of natural moments that will mean so much to you in years to come, so our goal is to capture them with expert timing, great composition, lovely flattering angles and beautiful lighting, and then to lovingly transform all the best moments into unique pieces of fine-art for you to LOVE forever. 

Please do bookmark our website - it's been seven years since we first created this website, and we've been so busy we're only just now starting to update with new photos! So the plan is to add new ones at least every month, and keep it updated with new offers too. If you use facebook, then definitely pop over to our page! The facebook button is on each webpage, and we have very special facebook offers and competitions, so give us a LIKE and please help us 'sharetheLOVE' by sharing our page with family and friends too ♥♥♥

Any questions, send us a message via our Contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Hope to see you soon, big LOVE, Caroline and Karl xxxxxxxxxx

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Please note, we're a very busy little studio, and it's just the two of us covering everything! We do work super hard, and try our best to get back to everyone as soon as we can. We work weds-sun, but not always from the studio - sometimes we're booked on location shoots, and sometimes we have client meetings, and some weekends we're off shooting weddings. We always recommend you message us to book an appointment in advance, just to make sure we're open when you visit. If your appointment is booked in the diary, then rest assured we'll be there :)

with big LOVE and best wishes, Caroline and Karl xxxx

Studio Location:
1 Heathcoat St, Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3AF
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email us: enquiries@weLOVEpho
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 07470 612696

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